By Miguelina Perez

Meredith Bond grew up in Philadelphia and was introduced to Regency romances at a young age by her mother, who had a secret passion for Georgette Heyer. She graduated with a bachelor’s in communication and then received a master’s degree in secondary education.

Marriage and the birth of two children interrupted her second attempt at a career. In order to keep her sanity while raising her children, she began writing fantasy stories filled with dashing, noble heroes and beautiful heroines.

In 2002, she won the Royal Ascot Writing Contest garnering a two book deal with Kensington Publishers. Miss Seton’s Sonata won the 2004 Golden Leaf Contest for best Regency Romance; Love of my Life won second place in the Write Touch Reader’s Award, 2005; and Dame Fortune was a finalist in the National Reader’s Choice Award, The Beacon Award and the NJ Golden Leaf.

Miguelina: You started out writing Regency period romances, many of which won awards, why did you stop?

Meredith: I didn’t stop right away. My latest release is also set in the Regency, but with a little paranormal twist to the story. My books were no longer published by Kensington Zebra―they stopped publishing traditional Regency romances. I still love the Regency with a passion—it’s my first love!

Miguelina: You now write young adult fantasy, why the jump to this genre even though Magic in the Storm has romance in it?

Meredith: Magic in the Storm is most definitely an adult romance novel. It has explicit sex scenes in it, but definitely not an erotica, or a sweet young adult either. The trilogy of the books I’m just finishing writing is middle-grade/YA. I haven’t decided on the ages of my protagonists yet, but it could go either way. I decided to write these because I wanted to show the beginning of the world in which I set Magic in the Storm, and that story calls for the protagonists to be younger. I’m hoping to write a sequel to MITS, which will be Kat’s story, and also an adult paranormal romance, and hopefully, someday, I’ll finish the contemporary/medieval time-travel I started writing, also set in the same world.

Miguelina: Wow! Can you tell us a little about the fantasy genre? What attracts you to it?

Meredith: With a fantasy novel anything can happen—you’re limited only by your imagination. I love magic and the idea of it being in the world. I came up with the idea that some of my characters will be a fantastically talented or charismatic people who are magical. They are called Vallen (which is the Latin word for powerful). They are descended from the people of Avalon (of King Arthur lore) and live among us ordinary folks in order to better society through science, art, music or wherever else their talent lies.

Miguelina: Name a favorite romance author and fantasy writer? What is it about them that you hold in high esteem?

Meredith: I have so many! I love Mary Jo Putney’s books, her more recent ones are both Regency and paranormal. I also love Julia Quinn. For straight paranormal, I lean toward funny ones like those by Katie MacAlister and Kerrilyn Sparks.

Miguelina: From all of the books you have written, which one do you consider your masterpiece? Why?

Meredith: Magic in the Storm is good for its creativity and it’s the first of the Vallen world. Miss Seton’s Sonata, my first traditional Regency, is probably the best written (won the most awards). And Love of My Life is my favorite because it deals with the topic of racism and has an Anglo-Indian as its hero.

Miguelina: What is so magical about Morgan and Adriana’s love story?

Meredith: Morgan and Adriana have a very special connection. Neither one fits into their world. Morgan has been cast out of his family’s home since he was 16 and forced to live in the woods. Adriana is forced to hide away her passion for painting in order to cater to her guardian’s political aspirations. Only with the support and encouragement of each other do they escape the confines of their restrictions to find themselves, each other and the magic that is theirs.

Miguelina: As a writer do you feel you have come full circle, i.e., are you achieving your passion?

Meredith: I am achieving my passion. I’m writing what I love and making it available for others to enjoy.

Miguelina: Any advice to newbies?

Meredith: Of course! Work hard at your craft. Get lots of opinions from others (outside of your immediate family and friends) and don’t dismiss traditional publishing. Just because you can publish whatever you’ve got, doesn’t mean you should.

Miguelina: Thanks for talking with us.

Meredith: It was my pleasure. Thanks!