Since members were not given the opportunity to vote for the original WRW logo in the first logo poll, we are conducting a run-off poll that includes the top two winning designs as well as the original cherry blossom logo. A replica of the original logo has been created in high resolution.

Please cast your vote. The run-off poll deadline is October 20, 2013.

If you have questions or concerns, please e-mail me at


Select your favorite from these three options…
WRW Logo Run-off Poll Options
…and cast your vote in the run-off poll on myRWA. The poll will be halfway down the page on the right hand side.



Below you will find the results of the first logo poll. As you can see, options E & A garnered the most votes and are the two included in the run-off poll.

WRW Logo Poll Results
Thank you for your participation!

Candy Lyons
WRW President