It’s the start of a new programming year, so it’s time to update your WRW bio!  Under the Meet Our Members option from the menu above, select the page with the initial of your last name.  Email the communications director with any changes. 

If you don’t have a bio on the website, adding it is easy.  Simply email the communications director with:

• the version of your name that should display (real name or pen name),
• a note if you’re published or not,
• a 2-3 sentence bio,
• the actual URLs for your website and social media, and
• a thumbnail-size picture (150 x 150 pixels). Photos must be smaller than 2 MB and named with your display name. (Ex., Samuel Clemens would submit Mark Twain.jpeg.) If you don’t have a photo, no worries; we’ll use the WRW logo in its place.

You must be a current member to have a bio on the website, and bios usually take 2-3 weeks to post.