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Membership renewal is open and runs through July 31st.  It’s $35 to renew through JULY 31st, but as of August 1st that amount jumps up to $45. Don’t wait!
To renew go to and click on RENEW MEMBERSHIP.
This year we have a few extra fields we’d like you to fill in. Please consider helping a girl out and completing as much as you can. It won’t take long, just about five minutes (at most). And for some odd reason, the form limits the characters, so feel free to get creative with your answers when you have the option to list.
If you want to renew and pay by check, please remember to fill out the form then print and mail it with your check to our Treasurer at the address listed under the pay by check section.
Thank you for being a member of WRWDC and we look forward to seeing you at the next meeting!


Mary Behre
Membership Chair