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Time to Renew!

All members must renew each year in June and July.

Click here to renew or start at WRW’s page on myRWA.

The cost is $35. If you miss the renewal period (ends July 31), the cost rises to $45.

Trouble? Check below for a step-by-step description.

Still more trouble? Email me and we’ll make it work together.


Membership shopping-cart step by step:

** On renewal page, click to Renew

** Fill out form and click button “Add and View Cart,” NOT just “Add” (see note 1)

** On “shopping cart” page, click button “Checkout”

** Doublecheck Billing Address and click button “Ok”

** On invoice page choose “Pay with Credit Card” (gives you both PayPal or credit card option); or choose “Pay by Check” to do that.

Note (1): if you just click “Add,” you’ll step back a page; then click button “View cart,” which will take you to the next step.