The Pressures of Success

WRW members recently shared tips and resources for writing a synopsis.


* The three-page requirement is usually a maximum page length.  Editors don’t want to read more than 3 pages of synopsis.

* Shorter is okay; in fact, editors usually appreciate shorter better than longer.

* The key items are to show the story premise, the characters’ conflict, and the resolution.


Articles and Websites

The Seven Paragraph Synopsis by Hope Ramsay:

Writing a Dynamic Synopsis by Vivi Andrews:

The Synopsis is Your Friend by Shoshana Brown:

Pitching 101 by Amanda Brice:  (Scroll down to the lectures.)

Blake Snyder’s Beat Sheet from his book Save the Cat.  If you don’t have the book, he has a ‘tools’ download on his site:

Michael Hague’s turning points/stages.  If you don’t have the bookmark, he might have it on his Story Mastery website:


WRW Yahoo Group Files (WRW membership required for access) (Look for “Diane’s Synopsis Formula”.  It has an example in it.)