I’m excited to announce that WRW has been invited by one of the librarians at the Westminster, MD branch of the Carrol County Public Library to do an event on Sunday, April 21. Arlene was thrilled when she learned that the WRW retreat was in Westminster and says that her library has very active patrons, many of whom love romance!

The event is still in the very early stages of planning, but what I’m looking for right now is a show of hands from our published authors as to who might be interested in taking part. Right now we’re potentially looking at a panel discussion followed by a book signing, from 1:30-3:00. We understand this might conflict with travel plans, which is why we’re mentioning the idea now.

Please note that authors interested in signing books at the library will need to bring their own stock of books, as there will not be a bookseller on hand.

Priority for this event will go to published authors who are NOT one of the featured authors for Washington Loves Romance (WLR), as well as who are not signing at Turn the Page that same weekend. Therefore, we will not be able to announce our selections for this event until after TTP has announced the retreat booksigning line-up. And we understand that most of you will want to sign at TTP. However, there are limited slots available for TTP, so if you’re interested in either one, do not hesitate to throw your name in the ring for the library event. Priority will be given to those not signing at TTP, and we will choose our panel after selections have been made.

Authors interested should contact me offloop at president@wrwdc.com with the words LIBRARY EVENT in the subject heading.

Amanda Brice