The Pressures of Success

Join us on October 5, 2013, at the Marymount University’s Ballston Conference Center in Arlington, VA, for a workshop on “Upping the Ante: How to Create and Sustain Conflict in Your Novel” conducted by Alma Katsu.

AlmaKatsu-111COLOR-1All novels need conflict: it’s at the heart of the story and it’s why the reader keeps turning the pages. Conflict is what keeps the reader asking, “what happens next?” Ms. Katsu’s workshop will:
·      Define what conflict is (and isn’t)
·      Describe four different kinds of conflict and how to layer them to create depth in your novel
·      Teach attendees how to analyze their own writing
·      Provide concrete advice on how to create more suspense and tension
·      Apply these techniques to all kinds of writing, not just mysteries and thrillers

The afternoon session, The Conflict in Your Scene Critique and Q&A led by Alma Katsu, offers an exciting opportunity to submit your scene for review.  If you are interested in getting your scene critiqued as part of Alma Katsu’s workshop presentation, please submit a Word document or RTF file (no more than 1,000 words) to Denny S. Bryce by September 28, 2013. Alma will select up to three scenes at random, critiquing the CONFLICT only. You must be present to have your scene critiqued.

As the final presenter of this information-filled day, JeanMarie Ward will talk about the 2014 Marlene Contest, revealing the final round judges and why you should enter!

Join us in Arlington, Virginia, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.!

Alma Katsu is the author of THE TAKER Trilogy (Gallery Books), which combines literary fiction with elements of historical, fantasy and romance to create an epic supernatural love story that has been compared to the early works of Anne Rice and has been published in 16 languages. The first book in the series, THE TAKER, was named one of the ten best debut novels of 2011 by Booklist, and the second book, THE RECKONING, was nominated for awards at Goodreads and RT Book Reviews.  The final book in the series, THE DESCENT, will be released in January 2014. Ms. Katsu also earned a MA in Fiction at John Hopkins University.