On March 8, 2014, we meet at the Ballston Conference Center where Denise McInerney will present her fun, interactive workshop “IMPROV Techniques for Writers.”

The Art of Improvisation has been around for centuries and isn’t just for actors or comedians.  Writers can employ the same techniques to jump-start their writing, to solve problems, explore characters—and much more.

Learning Improv techniques can help people get out of their own way, cram a sock in their internal editor’s nagging maw, and increase production and productivity by learning to make connections by trusting their own subconscious.  Improvisation techniques can be just the tool you need to help flex your creative muscles and pump fresh blood into your anemic muse.

This workshop is fun, lively and non-threatening.  And we laugh a lot!  The cardinal rule of Improv is, “There are NO WRONG ANSWERS.”   So you can’t possibly say anything wrong or stupid.   The rest of the group will accept what you’ve said and then carry the idea forward—what a concept!  Where else can you go, where, no matter what you say, everyone else agrees with you—and also agrees your response was the very best possible of all responses?

Note:  Since this is an interactive workshop and everyone participates, be sure to wear something comfortable.

Denise McInerney


Denise McInerney holds an undergraduate degree in English and a Masters in Theatre.  Despite these impediments, she found gainful employment as the Foreign Service Manager for British Aerospace, where she also created and conducted corporate training programs.

However, after years of teaching workshops like “Avoiding Deportation with Expired B-1 Visas,” her creative muse yearned for more.  So she began writing a novel, which progressed at a painful, inner-critic-impeded snail’s pace.

Denise will be forever grateful for her computer-professional husband’s mid-life crisis and the career-counselor who advised him to take Improvisational Comedy classes.  Denise thought this was a terrible idea, until she tagged along and realized Improv performance techniques could also be adapted to spur freedom and creativity in the writing process.  Utilizing these techniques, she completed her first manuscript in record time for the 2005 Golden Heart Contest.