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On February 8, 2014, we meet at the Bethesda Chevy Chase Regional Center where award-winning author Leigh Duncan will present her workshops “Book It, Dan-O! ” and  “A Walk In The Plot.”  Leigh Duncan in Pink

Book It, Dan-O! Overview: Have you ever spent hours researching something so esoteric as the slot size for an acceptable keeper trout, only to lose track of the information just when your hero unexpectedly lands a big fish?   Ever forgotten details of the world you built on Zeta Nine?  The last time you spoke with your editor, did you search through stacks of paper to find your scribbled notes?  Do you wish you could spend less time looking for what you need and more time putting words on the page?  If you answered Yes to even one of these questions, then Book It, Dan-O! can help by solving the organizational challenges all writers face. 

A Walk In The Plot Overview: Whether it’s a time-traveling paranormal or an emotional contemporary or an historical filled with lush descriptions, every romance novel includes certain key points.  Campbell, Vogler, Butcher, Dixon, Hague—they, as well as others, have developed plotting theories and methodologies that help writers understand these key points and include them in their books.   For the 1-hour workshop, A Walk In The Plot, we’ll open with a brief overview of some of these plotting methods, with special emphasis given to Joseph Campbell’s circular Hero’s Journey, Chris Vogler’s linear Writer’s Journey, and the Butcher Arch.  We’ll also review Deb Dixon’s reliance on Goal, Motivation and Conflict as a plotting tool. 

Leigh Duncan is an award winning author of contemporary romance. Her fifth Harlequin American Romance, Second Chance Family, hit store shelves this month.  Her previous books include Amazon Kindle’s #1 selling  Rancher’s Son.  Look for three more stories in the Glades County Cowboy series beginning with The Bull Rider’s Family in May 2014.  A long-distance member of WRW, Leigh lives in Central Florida where she serves as the PAN Liaison for the FL STAR chapter.