Shelf of Books

By Jennifer Lovett
WRW Chapter Communications Director

It was my first retreat, and this is why I’ll be back next year.

1.) Best. Speakers. Ever. Robin Perini’s Story Magic saved the plot in my work in progress!
2.) Baskets – I love the focus on literacy, plus, we get to win baskets full of cool stuff.
3.) Authors! Authors! Authors! I met Cathy Maxwell – enough said.
4.) Connections galore – there were five ladies there from RomVets. Veterans who write Romance. I’m a Veteran and I love it!
5.) You’ve heard of Access Hollywood? Well, this is Access Agent or Access Publisher or even, Access Editor. Need I say more?
6.) This is Writer Idol – karaoke is the bomb!
7.) Who needs Ryan Seacrest? We’ve got Tim!
8.) Can’t ask for better hotel staff! Room – great! Wifi – great! Coffee – great! great!

Why do you keep coming back year after year? Tell WRW all about it!