WRW Members Rock the Romance World in January

Do you LOVE romance novels? So does Washington Romance Writers!

August is Read-a-Romance Month and we are thrilled to support this fantastic celebration of romance writers and romance novels. Throughout the month, some of your favorite writers are answering questions and discussing this year’s theme, “Celebrate Romance.” You can visit them all month at http://www.readaromancemonth.com/.

Washington Romance Writers boasts one of the largest chapters of Romance Writers of America. We think the romance genre provides an opportunity to explore one of the most fascinating aspects of human life, relationships. Read-a-Romance month gives us all time to reflect on that and read some darn good books.

So grab a book, cuddle up and join the fun! Help us celebrate RAR month by liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter and let us know what book you are reading and why you love it. Post a picture of your favorite book, your favorite reading spot and a picture of you reading your latest romance book. Tell us your favorite character, setting, author, or the best line in a book you’ve read this summer.

Thanks for loving romance as much as we do, and helping us Celebrate Romance!