Officers, Board Members, and Committee Chairs


WRW Board Members
Rowan Worth, President
Delancey Stewart, Vice President
Hope Ramsay, Secretary
G. G. Gabriel, Treasurer
Julie Halperson, Past President

Committee Chairs 
Communications, Jennifer Lovett
Critique Group Coordinator, Tara Kennedy
Elections, Beth Balberchak
Hospitality, Stacy Woodson
Library/Archives/Recording, Tricia Wheeler
Loops, Angele McQuade
Marlene Contest, Harper Kincaid
Membership, Mary Behre
PRO Liaison, Open
Programs, Lori Ann Bailey
Publicity, Binnie Syril Braunstein
Published Author Liaison, Open
Reader/Blogger Luncheon, Lexi Fairfax
Retreat, Yvette Bazzell and Julie Halperson
Unpublished Author Liaison, Open
Website, Kathy Lauten
Wufoo Database, Julie Halperson