Woman Cheering

WRW is delighted to announce the finalists of the 2014 Marlene Contest.


Series Contemporary 
Tayna Agler, A Pinch of Cinnamon
Kerri Carpenter*, Love Grooves and Zumba Moves
Anna Genest*, Lessons with a Dirty Talking Billionaire
Single Title 
Jen Gilroy, Port Fairlight Summer
Erika Kelly, Too Good To Be True
Laura Trentham, Wild In Her Eyes
Eileen Charbonneau*, Watch Over Me
Louisa Cornell, Wicked In His Arms
Alice Bilmayor writing as Alice Gaines, Captain and Countess
Renee Ann Miller, The Impetuous Miss Milton
Ruth Kaufman, My Once and Future Love
Rhenna Morgan, Unexpected Eden
J. Keely Thrall*, Marco’s Christmas Redemption
Romantic Elements 
Mary Jo Burke, The Last Case
Monica M. Clark, Lessons from Robin
Hannah Hooten, Share and Share Alike
Catherine Rull, The Fat Chicks’ Club

Young Adult
This category did not meet the minimum number of entries required to run in 2014.

* WRW Member