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Writing the Romantic Suspense Series

By Anne Marie Becker Several years ago, when I realized I wanted to make writing a career, “trilogy” was the buzz word. Series were sought-after by publishers because they could […]

Conflict: The Building Block of Compelling Fiction

By Mackenzie Lucas A few months ago, author of The Taker Trilogy, Alma Katsu, spoke to Washington Romance Writers about one of the building blocks of any story–conflict. Katsu, who […]

Killer Titles

By Anne Barton Women want killer shoes. Men want killer abs.  (Also, women want men with killer abs–but I digress.) Writers want . . . killer titles. Some titles just have […]

Submit Your Entry for the 2014 Marlene Contest!

The 2014 Marlene Contest is open for entries December 15, 2013, through January 15, 2014.  Click here to enter, and good luck!

As You Wish: Success and The Princess Bride

By Nichole Christoff Success. Everyone defines it differently. But everyone wants it. If you’re a writer—and even if you’re not—you don’t have to look further than your email inbox to […]

December 8 Holiday Party Cancelled

We had to cancel today’s WRW holiday party due to inclement weather. However, our hostess has offered a barbeque for us in July if members are interested. July can become crazy […]